Friday, June 24, 2005

Well it is Friday Saturday

I work as a New Home Sales consultant and basically that means that I sell new homes for a home builder. That also means that I work weekends...Saturday and Sunday so I have Friday consistently, as the showhomes are closed that day...don't ask...just seems to be the industry standard here in Canada. I also try to take Thursdays and I have a reliable person who works with me on the weekends that is willing to fill in for me on Thursdays as well.
However for the past couple of Thursdays, I have had to go in...nothing earth shattering, just customers who feel that Thursday is there only day to come in and sign reasonably important documents. So today I mosey on in for 6 pm at which time two "older" sisters are coming in to choose colours for their new home. I waited and waited and waited and finally at 7 pm...(on my day off...or did I already say that), I called their home to investigate their whereabouts...and
Sis #1...: "oh, yes, well our ride hasn't shown up yet...".
Me: "..oh, well that is ok, is there another day you would like to do it? ..
Sis #1...uh...well I am trying to go back home no...
(sister (oldest) lives in another city and is moving here to buy a house with her two other sisters...)..
Me: " Well unfortunately we can't proceed with the sales agreement until you choose your colours (a fact I have prepared them for many times, by saying, have a tour around and see what colours you like...".
Sis #1: "oh, well....I will call you back if we can't come tonight." click
So needless to say I was glad that they showed up but sheesh, not so much as a "so sorry" ...kiss my rear...or anything in the way of an apology...what gives with people?? Can't they just say SOMETHING??
In terms of knitting, I am working away on a couple of things...trying to make significant progress on the Meadow Flowers Shawl from is coming along and I am knitting with an alpaca lace weight off a cone I purchased at least 2 yrs ago off Ebay. As a result, my foggy brain can't give more than that in terms of details about the yarn. It is a rather "teal like" colour...not my fav but it is knitting up nicely and I will show pics once I get a bit further along.
ttfn..going to hit the sack and read for a bit.


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