Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Gettin' your Knittin' Groove on...!

Do you ever just get "in the groove"? I am presently knitting Meadow Flowers Shawl from Knitter's Stash and it is a nice knit, as long as I stay focused on the count...but do you ever notice that when you tire and don't pay as close attention as you should, you knit more slowly and perhaps not as "correctly"?

I know, I know there is no RIGHT way to knit, but I knit the British way and throw my yarn. That means that if I get going quickly and can maintain a nice cadence, if my needles are not inserted too far into the stitch, I can maintain a nice easy pace without wasting time on a technically incorrect or wasteful step! I guess all this blithering about technically "correct" and "proper" stitch makes me a process knitter but I also love the product too so I believe I am a bit of both.

I just know that knitting soothes me a great deal, it allows thoughts to float, ideas to form and takes me a million miles from what is possibly stressful. Otoh, I can think through a stressful situation and gain a different perspective on it while knitting ...and "gettin' my groove on"..!

Hope this day finds you with a neat groove and a restful cadence..


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