Monday, July 11, 2005

I sleep on my side...

and so do my cats, sleep on MY side I mean!! I am "wide of hip" and most always sleep on my side. One of my cats, named by my 8 yo grandaughter Ali as Boots, like the padding or as you can well imagine the heightened view from "up there"!
By the time I got settled last night (later than most nights for some reason), and my "brood" all snuggled where they want to be, I was ready to get out of bed again as they kept shifting...or was it me and they shifted in response to my shifts??

Guess that would conclude they are affected by moods and in particular mine as the only human who lives in this house.
They love it when I settle in for a long leg of knitting in my comfy chair. I think Tipper (the Bichon) can tell that it is a long stint as I settle with my water, my yarn and pattern etc. She has some trouble deciding which "side" to settle in on but nevertheless it is always the side from which I have to remove either my butt or books, knitting gadget bag etc. The cats (the aforementioned Boots) and her sister Socks, soon follow, one behind me usually on the back of the chair and the other on my lap or beside my legs on the footstool. As I said, feel like a brood hen alot of the time but do love the attention and the unquestioning loyalty no matter what the mood.

It is interesting to explore the types of pets we knitters have. Nipperknits suggested to me that the Bichon Frise is the knitter's dog. Apparently many knitters have the little sweethearts as pets. Cats are certainly often found as knitter's pets and we all know of several who make their daily appearance. For some reason pics are not going to work today, in fact I am having trouble linking to Nipper's site as well. Will try more again.

Otherwise, I hope your day is full of knitterly things and pets that love you.


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