Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Whew, they are gone!

I am almost afraid to admit to having looked forward to T and the kids departing for their home in Japan. Our relationship took a beating again and sometimes I think she expected that I would want to be with the kids all the time.

While any Grama knows, spending time with ones grands is special, I don't like to think that I "have to" or that I do it because I am told "now is convenient"!!

I guess in the unfolding of life, (after all we don't have total control over how it plays out), I have come to the realization that my life needs to be more simple. Both for financial reasons and because loading life up with unnecessary stress is just a recipe for trouble.

So as I prepare for yet another move, to a very inexpensive apartment, I will be off loading "stuff". Getting rid of "things" some degree, ridding one's self of concrete "stuff" helps with the emotional simplification as well I think.

Am I rambling..? you bet! Should I be packing? Of course! Will I knit instead? pffft you bet I will!!! I think it is called avoidance..however it will all get done.

I am now on Round 3 of the last 12 rounds on the Cherry Blossom Shawl. Pictures should be forth coming...soon! Anyone want to help me put in a link? For some reason I am having trouble making it look nice by being able to just click on Annie's name when I type it..duh is me...and would like to let you know of Annie's ( co-ordination of knitting squares to become an afghan in memory of Kirsten's brother-in-law whose life, along with 2 of his pals was senselessly ended recently.

Hope there is some simplification in your life today and of course, knitting too! ss


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