Friday, July 22, 2005

Moving again

I have friends who say that they just don't even bother putting my address in pen in their address books, as they know they will be erasing it. I even was so bold as to declare that "this will be my last move"...I PROMISE!!! I had friends laugh at me! Imagine....
....BUT they were right I guess...My youngest dd decided almost 2 yrs ago that she would buy a home and let Mom rent it ...that would be her part in "taking care of Mom" as I approached my mid-50's without enough cash for a downpayment of my own...It is sad to admit but true!
Well this has proved to be a bit of a rough 2 years...for several reasons. Job wise, I was working for people who I felt were somewhat unethical and in addition were suffering some serious financial problems. They are still in business and I left on ood terms. I am now beginning to enjoy the fruits of selling new homes (not real estate) and although it takes a while to realize those fruits in terms of a pay cheque it will happen. Meantime, debts have piled up and I must ifnd somewhere more economical to live. I have done so and will move next week. Oh joy oh bliss!
OTOH, "renting" from someone in the family proved to be a rather bad idea. 'nuf said I guess...My youngest DD and I have a rather strained relationship anyway so needless to say, it is better to be out from under and cut my mthly abode payment by half!!

On the knitting front, I continue along on Cherry Blossom, on the 5th repeat of 12 of the last chart! I may have to make that a repeat of 10, I shall see how the yarn holds out...I do have an edging to knit as well.
I do need to get busy on the Sockalatwozer socks, or I will be really burning the needles at the beginning of Sept. That is the problem I know I have time yet...oh I am the best at waiting for the pressure to be self inflicted..yikes

Hope this finds you with no pressure and knitting nice 8" squares in memory of a nice young man. Check out Annie's


Blogger Agnes said...

Hi there, it's me!
I read your post ... there should not be a space between the brackets (< and >) and the content inside. I have to put the space because otherwise it would become a link and then you can't see what the code is. Besides, after =, the link address should be put inside a pair of ''. I was not familiar with html codes too at first, but after some trial and errors, now I can handle the simple ones. So, don't be discouraged. Keep trying. :)

11:34 AM  
Blogger Agnes said...

Congratulations! You did it. However, the link address is not complete ... you should add http:// before so that your readers can be taken to Annie's blog.

10:31 AM  
Blogger sandra said...

Lovely blog Sue!!! I join you in the madness of cardboard boxes and where is the???? Hope we can get to gether soon... I want to phone you but never know a good time...will you have the same number? Sorry I inadvertently deleted your email!!! S.

6:46 AM  

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