Friday, September 23, 2005

Stash Clean out Time~~

So although it has taken me longer than I wished, I finally have taken some pics of "some" of the stash clean out yarn. I have more believe me, but thought I would start with a few and see what reactions I get if any! You should know that I will be donating 50% of all monies to the Margene's Give a Little site. I just hope there is no reason for it to become a Rita site too. Let's all pray for safety to the millions of people that have had to take refuge against Rita.

So I will post pics and a quick description and then hope that someone makes me a reasonable offer. So here goes, first there is a Lopi Kit for the coat sweater pictured. I bought it at a store here in this city and I know I paid in excess of $100 (Cdn) for it. However, a reasonable offer a
and tell me how you want it shipped and it can be yours! If nothing else we all know Lopi felts very well and you can have a felting spree. Each of the skeins (15 in all) are 100 gram skeins and enough to obviously make the coat sweater. I will send the booklet with lots of other Lopi patterns in it as well!

OK, I also have another kit. This one is a Drops Kit and the price is still on it. I did however buy this more than 3 yrs ago and have done absolutely nothing with it. It is gorgeous Egyptian cotton and enough to make the larges size of the sweater pictured. I have the english booklet for the translation and will include the book that has tons of other patterns as well. I paid less than the $199 price tag but can't remember how much less, I think about $140 of course Cdn again. Make me an offer plus the shipping and we will settle up.
I am having an awful time getting the 2nd set of photos loaded up. Meantime I will send this one for posting and see what I can do later on.
thanks for reading and hopefully buying something over the next few weeks.


Anonymous Susie said...

I'm so glad to finally have access to your blog! I spent my coffee time this morning reading. I love the post about your pets. Having spent many nights with my posterior parts hanging off the bed *yet again* because too many kitties (and Maggie) wanted warmth, or closeness, or perhaps just to bug me, I understand, and your words brought a smile.

As much as I would love to have that Egyptian cotton, I too, am still stash-cleaning. I'm forcing myself to post things for sale on eBay and trying to not purchase more. Difficult. Very.

I'll be back! It's nice to know where you 'live'!


9:25 AM  

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