Thursday, September 22, 2005

....waiting for Socks

A rather strange title I guess as I have a cat named "Socks"...however what I am really waiting for are my Sockapal2za socks. I sent mine out on Friday, to my Sock Pal...she knows there coming as I did send an email...but she doesn't know who I am or that I have a blog.

I just hope that mine arrive soon...I love parcels in the mail!!

The weather this past while has been glorious. Bright, sunny, autumnal days filled with fluffy white clouds in a blue, blue sky. As the colours change the sky seems to be bluer, or is it just me!? Sandy is talking alot about skies and in fact she has a contest right now. Must remember to go outside tomorrow with my digital as the deadline is tomorrow evening I think...check it out. There are some gorgeous photos appearing on lots of blogs.

I am working with some alpaca right now mostly to see how it works up in a scarf. An acquaintance has alpacas and is trying to figure out if she should market the yarn she is getting, I think we know the answer to that questions. She is not a knitter though so is looking for opinions. THose that know me are snorting already as they know that I will always provide that, often without being asked!!!

Well this is a short update. I do promise to get some "For Sale" items up in the next few days...time, folks it is just the elusive time.


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Blogger sandra said...

Good luck on the sky pic Sue, hope you win! Waiting to see your alpaca scarf!

8:21 AM  
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