Wednesday, October 12, 2005

How time flies

When you are having fun. No pics today...just a quick post to say that I had a wonderful time with my family on the Thanksgiving Weekend. I usually work on weekends and holiday weekends are no exception. This past weekend, I decided to take some of Saturday off and travel almost 3 hrs to visit with my sis, and on Sunday my bro and his wife. Also got to spend some time with DN (dear niece) and her family.

Wonderful turkey dinner was served on Sunday and I headed back to Edmonton on Monday morning early. I was home in time to grab a shower, jump on the scale to see how much damage I had done on the weekend and head off to work.

The purple yarn from a couple of weeks ago did find a home. My sis has a huge fondness for all things purple or shades thereof and so it is now in her stash. I was sorry to learn that because of her increased time spent on "footcare", her hands have been quite sore and knitting has not been high on her list of priorities. However we did spend several hours just "sittin' & knittin'" ..which is always enjoyable for a nice visit. She did finish off an item for her DD which she says had been sitting for too long! I also finished off a pr of socks and cast on for another while there.

She loved her Candle Flame Shawl that was presented for her birthday. I told her that a good friend was AMAZED that it had been done since at least May/June timeframe!!!
We both decided (and I brought along "Knitting on the Edge" in case) that it needed an edging so it did come home with me again. I am determined it will be back in the mail to her by no later than the end of the mth for her wearing!!

I am SOOOO glad that CBC strike is over and I have my "radio" back. My kids call me the Queen of Radio as I always have it on. It is my friend throughout a day at home. Even when not at home it is on for the pussycats and Tipper always loved it too!!

It was great to catch up with family and see what is happening with the growing grands...nice to be back home before any "s" starts to fly too!!


Blogger sandra said...

Glad you had such a nice visit Sue. Poor Sharon and her hands! I think the kitties were on the computer today..they used msn!!!Hope to chat with you soon!

11:21 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

Happy Thanksgiving (belated). I think it makes so much more sense to celebrate Thanskgiving in October during the harvest. It's a shame that ours got moved to make for a better holiday shopping season. Bleh.

I can't go a day without listening to the radio, either. :)

3:15 PM  

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