Sunday, October 23, 2005

Knitting Update

Well today was a fairly busy workday but I headed out about 4:30 instead of 5 pm..'cause I felt like it??

I finished my Cozy, a nice long shawl from the Knitty Autumn '04 issue. I made mine out of Noro, which was a rather indulgent venture but it is pretty. My hope is to find a new winter coat (no, honestly, I really NEED a new winter coat) of navy blue and wear this with it. I blocked it yesterday and left it till just a while ago and I took a couple of pics.
Right now Blogger is giving me grief about uploading a picture. It really is quite pretty and I know there will be cold days ahead where it will come in handy!

Today it was 13ºC sunshine filled day! So no cold weather being thought of right now. I did see several smart homeowners putting up their Christmas lights today to prevent the last minute -25ºC rush!!! :)

My car goes into my favourite shop tomorrow to have new brakes put in. I can "hear" the lack of brakes and so it is definitely time.

Started a sweater today for CM for Christmas. It should knit up fairly quickly. Cables, twists and blue washable merino, it will be a nice sweater when finished.

Hope your day is filled with pretty things!


Anonymous Susie said...

Susanne, go take a look at a site called Photobucket. I've used this for my photos for like...forever. Just upload the pictures to Photobucket, then cut and past the tag into your Blogger post. Easy peasy, and free.

Can't wait to see what you've been working on!

~Your Navajo-plying friend,

8:59 AM  

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