Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sunny Saturday

Well here it is the weekend again and my "Monday" after my two day weekend. This is the first week I have had two days off for a while and I wanted to take advantage of it. I did get lots of knitting done and FINALLY finished "Cozy" from the fall issue of Knitty. I need to block it yet and then the pics will follow.

I have been spending a very pleasant Thursday morning for the past few weeks looking after my 15 mth old grandson. He is so delightful and as I tell anyone who will listen, he is the first grandchild born (of the 5 I have) in which I lived in he same city. Ali (the first) was born while I was living in Toronto so the visits were as often as I could make it but it just isn't the same, as I am sure some of you know.

With the other 3, I have never been around them for any length of time and it makes it hard to be a part of their lives as I picture a grandparent to be. I treasure the times I am around them but now with them living in Japan their visits are infrequent and long. They will be "home" in Canada (we hope) in 9 mths though and that is wonderful.

I am past the heel on a pair of socks that I started toe up. I decided that I would like to "experiment" with toe up and short row heels so that I could honestly have a pair truly finished when they come off the needles. I got to the short rows and tried (THREE TIMES!!) and gave up, inserted my waste yarn for the After Thought Hel and went on to the leg. Yikes! I guess one shouldn't mess with a good thing.

Off to get some breakfast and ready for work.
Hope your day is filled with sunshine.


Blogger sandra said...

Happy to see you got two days off!!! and that you are enjoying CM so much. Grands are such fun!

9:45 AM  

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