Thursday, November 10, 2005

FFFFfinallly FFFFinished

So at least I can say that I finished something this week.  For a while, I didn't think I was EVER going to finish the shawl edging but I finally did.  As you can see from the photos, it does look much more finished and complete! 

So some not so current stats:  This was a gift for my sister which my (one friend in particular) friends were shocked to learn I had it complete by the late part of June I think.  (Her b/day is Oct 6!).  That is a real remarkable thing for me, I am usually Susie Stress, doing things at the last minute. 

It is made from Opal (yes the sock yarn people) Sweater yarn.  Got it from a friend who acquired it from a seller in Germany.  It is a variegated yarn in gorgeous deep shades varying from deep purple to mauve.  My sis's favourite colour is any shade of purple.   I made the Candle Flame shawl, a fairly popular pattern available on the web.  There were several versions and I did acquire the updated version with corrections. After gifting the recipient and hearing her admire it, I suggested (What the HELL was I thinking! :) an edging.  I brought along my "Knitting on the Edge" book and she picked a 22 stitch "Twin Leaf" edging from the book.  As the top of the shawl measures 84" across, you can imagine that it was one heck of alot of knitted edging!!!

It measures approximately 40" from centre back to the tip.  A real picky person would notice that the edging has an "up & down" to it and I did not reverse it I just kept right on going around the 3 sides of the triangle.  It is done, needs one more good steaming and it will be off in the mail to her in Calgary. 

Enjoy your day, hope it is filled with complete things and nice knitting!
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