Thursday, November 17, 2005

Some knitting FO's

Well as the sun was shining directly on my screen this morning, I actually had to wait a few minutes until it moved so that I could "see" the screen properly. Wonderful, beautiful, bright sun on November 17 to give us temps in the 10ÂșC mark today! Mother Nature isn't mad at us right now!!

I finished the pair of socks I was working on. They are from Stitches of Violet and truly are (almost) more fun that cables!!
They do give a nice pattern but do not pull in like cables do so no need to increase the normal stitch count you would use. These are knit in good old Canadian sock yarn, Confetti in a nice shade of mttled blue. Image hosted by I see the Confetti link is broken, sorry, took the url right off the sock bank. Do a Google for Confetti sock yarn and you will find plenty of places that sell it. Nice stuff and priced right too!

Whew that was link laden.
A friend asked me the other day, how my Christmas knitting was coming along. She knows that I will be doing something like blocking a sweater, hemming something or closing a toe on Christmas Eve. She knows I couldn't let her down, I cast on for 3 prs of socks on Saturday, just to keep my reputation golden! just sayin'

I also cast on for Dad's Sharfik
and I am so happy I did. Earlier this year I purchased some yarn from a blogging friend in baby alpaca and merino. I have 9" done on this scarf and luckily I have plenty of yarn to make it to the 53" long, plus I think I will do the fringe.
This scarf is so butter. It is for my co-worker who I work with on the weekends and he allows me the odd day off when his regular job doesn't intervene.
Image hosted by

Well, needless to say as the days at work become less busy (closer to Christmas etc), I will have time to (sssshhhhhh) knit at work! Thank heavens, otherwise S. would be so right, she may be anyway but at least I need to try and get this all done. Oh and I bought some yarn for a sweater for oldest GD yesterday..oh well, that might not be for Xmas...we shall see!
Off to the post office to mail some yarn to a couple of friends and also the shawl to my sis! Finally get this all out of the way and get to work. See ya, hope your day is filled with sunshine and wonderful knitting moments:)


Blogger Elisabeth said...

Beautiful socks & that scarf is scrumptious!

1:48 PM  
Blogger Patti said...

Those socks really are beautiful. I must say you really are knitting busy. Few things finishing up this weekend and then on to a new project for me. I have my Christmas projects and a bit of backlog here to do too. Love the pics. And enjoy being able to keep in touch.

5:19 AM  
Anonymous Sydney said...

I knit a sweater with Peru and loved it. It's so soft and lovely to work with. It should make a beautiful scarf.

7:54 AM  
Blogger sandra said...

Lovely sox again Sue!!! Yes do put your extra time NOW into Xmas projects... I have decided not to start anymore for that deadline...but...woman's privilege to change her mind!!!

7:35 AM  

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