Sunday, November 20, 2005


Thought I better update those of you who think I am just holding off until the last minute on some of my Christmas knitting!

One of the pairs of socks has turned into a pair of fingerless gloves. Hey a cuff is a cuff! no pics of that yet..who wants to see a shot of ribbing with barely a peek at a crossed cable! I promise that later this week.

More length on the Sharfik, it is really looking quite lovely. I am very pleased with how it is working out.

I have a teenage grandaughter (I have two actually, but one is particularly charming) who has suggested that if some "really, really colourful yarn just happened to jump on my needles and want to be socks" (she even talks like a knitter!) then she would be very happy! Well this is what has evolved so far. I am literally using up bits and bobs and leftovers. Image hosted by
The blue is what is left from the socks I finished last week. The yellow, scarlet and hot pink are all leftovers from socks. I am using (sort of) a colour chart out of Socks x3 to guide me, but I am making decisions based on quantities! Hope she will like them..she is too funny.

Next I have finished the back of a sweater for CM my youngest grandson. I am usingthis pattern although again I have made some changes. His Mom (my oldest DD)prefers pullovers for kids as she feels they are warmer and less hassle so I have converted it and I am knitting it in the round. I then did the armhole shaping and finished the back this morning (knitting back and forth of course). So now on to the front. Here is how it looks so far.Image hosted by
CM will look very sweet in this colour as his eyes are very blue. I am using my favourite DK weight yarn, King Cole Merino Blend Superwash Wool. I can get it at my lys (sorry no web site) for $4.29 Can$'s for 112 metres. That means that I will probably get this sweater done for just about $20. I have yet to figure out what collar I will do, probably a mock turtle neck, he is a skinny kid but does have a long neck!
I have used this yarn for a ballet sweater for Ali (GD 8 yrs old), sweaters for the other grandsons (Penguins and Dinosaurs) and now this one. I love, love, love it. It has a beautiful hand, washes well, doesn't pill and what can I say! The colour selection is wide.

Talked to T. on Friday night and Caelan (youngest GD) is over 18 lbs now. She was born April 29 so you can tell that she is not missing any meals. Still as good natured and happy as she was earlier this summer when visiting. She still loves her big brothers and the feeling is very mutual. Quinn announced to me that he always "makes Caelan laugh"!
He makes us all laugh but he just doesn't know it yet :)
Well enough chatter, looking forward to more progress on my WIPs and hope this eases your mind a bit S. ..don't worry, I will get it all done! (Do you think now is the time to tell her that I have some other stuff, I haven't cast on for yet??? maybe not!
Hope your day is filled with nice progress and pleasant knitting!


Blogger Patti said...

Thanks for the tip on that yarn. Been looking for something with just those qualities in a great yarn for a fantastic project. I want to knit a dress for DD. At the rate I am losing weight, I may decide to knit it for me. Is dress on front of Hot Knits. She is young enough to love it. I am old enough that in a black will wear it with style. And tough to her.
You are definitely busy.

5:55 PM  
Blogger sandra said...

hmmmm what projects are not yet cast on? Hope they are dishcloths!!! I love CM sweater and the multicolor sox...!!!

10:35 PM  

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