Friday, August 26, 2005

Settling In ...I think..!

Well you could say "finally"! or you could say...who the heck are you? or
you could just sit back and hopefully read something that inspires or gets some sort of a reaction from you...

I have settled in for the most part. Moving from a 3 bedroom home with a basement into a 2 bedroom apt, makes for some interesting choices. Eventually you know it has to come down to the stash...after all, when there are parcels of yarn in there that haven't been touched or even fondled for years, it is definitely time to give it the ol' hook!!

I will be offering some of these for sale here I think. Annie href="">a and I had a quick discussion via email and she offered me her opinion and so there will be "For Sale" post in the very near future. If I get my butt organized today, (my only day off this week), then it could be later on.

Knitting has not been intense around this place but I do have my Cherry Blossom Shawl blocked ...holy cow, finally!. I knit if from some mixture that I was unable to identify totally as it was given to me by a knitting acquaintance. It has definitely got some wool in it but it also got some coloured "loops" for lack of a better name! You can see it in one of the close up photos, (I hope).

The name of this blog has been changed, thinking it better identifies with what it will be present here.

Hope you all have a sun filled Friday and weekend.