Saturday, September 16, 2006


I know, I know, not that the world awaits, but I have been absent for a while. It seems the summer was hot, busy and didn't provide alot of time for blogging. Or at least I didn't make alot of time for blogging.
I did knit some, not alot as seriously handling alot of yarn was not what seemed to be a priority but I did some and pictures are below.
Finished a sweater for A. (9 yo gd) and here she is posing like a goofy 9 year old!
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This sweater really does look better in reality than it does in this photo. She didn't seem in the mood to stand still and provide her Grammy with a proud moment !
If I remember correctly she was entertaining her cousins, as my youngest DD and her 3 have moved back to Canada from Osaka and are slowly getting settled here in Edmonton in their house.
The only "possessions" that have arrived are those that have been in storage for 4 years in Ottawa, but any day/week now the shipment from Japan should arrive which will have more of the kids things. I think they did well to pack as they had to plan for a summer at the cottage, general summer, work clothes, school clothes etc. Their suitcases were well organized but the organization seems to have gone away now as they really do need to get their daily use kitchen things etc. Hopefully by the end of the month things will all have fallen into place.
Here is another pic taken on my SIL's birthday. these are my two youngest Grands.
Christopher, with his blond curls that soon will require cutting to identify his gender and his cousin Caelan who is 9 mths younger and weights about 10 lbs more than he does!! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

In the picture, Christopher has discovered that playing the harmonica non-stop is kind of fun (unless you had to listen to it non-stop!!) and they are up on the climbing structure in the back yard at DD's. I think Caelan is about to remove the harmonica and pitch it!!

This week upcoming I will be spending a couple of days/nights with the 3 kids as T. has to travel out of town and her DH is teaching at U Victoria so is only home every 2nd weekend. The boys are getting settled in French immersion school and love being in the same school as their cousin Ali!
OTN now are a couple of pairs of socks, (of course!) and a "do-over" for Lori of a shrug I knit for her for Christmas. It didn't really suit, so I frogged it and am making a shawl. Using the same lacy pattern from the shrug but just making it about 18" wide and as long as the yarn let me.
Also trying to figure out an edging for a very plain shawl I made out of some thrift store yarn for myself. Now that things have cooled off, I like something over my shoulders as I sit and knit in the evenings. It is an off white of a mystery yarn which I believe is mostly wool. (Did the burn test and sniff test and all that).
Also knitting a sweater for Christopher out of some leftovers from other sweaters and then will venture on to something for Kiernan and Quinn for school.

Well that seems to catch me up in a rather brief way but nevertheless, I will attempt to post more regularly and keep this blog up to date.
Thanks for reading..