Sunday, February 26, 2006


Can't believe the Olympic games are over. Canada did very well (well let's forget men's Hockey for right now)and the country is very proud of our athletes!!

Too lazy to wind two 100 gram balls into 2 separate balls, I decided to just simply knit a "pair of odds" and so that is what you see here. Image hosting by Photobucket

One pair is out of Trekking and my first crack at knitting with it. It is positively glorious. colour # 106 very soft pastel like colours but sooo soft to the touch. I might have to get more of this :). Also knitting with some wonderful turquoise Opal, with a raspberry coloured fleck in it. It is colour 1201.
One pair is for my Sockapalooza pal so we shall see which pair it is!

Walked into the living room the other day to see Boots in this position. Puts a whole new meaning to the phrase..."wonder what's on the tube?"....Image hosting by Photobucket

Work continues to go well and I am enjoying the challenges that this market presents. Lots of fun and great business.

Caught a gorgeous sunrise the other morning. Love facing east as I get to see this frequently!! Image hosting by Photobucket

Hope your week is filled with great views and wonderful knitting!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Badly Behind

In more ways than one!
I have been busy. The (relatively) new job is taking lots of energy but I love, love, love it!
I have been knitting, most evenings it is socks as I can't decipher anything much more complex than that. However on weekends I still love to knit and sew and have been doing plenty of that. A's "horse sweater" isn't much further but that is what I intend to do today.

I have purchased (tsk, tsk) some yarn to made C. a sweater for her first birthday!
Plans are coming together for some fun times and that is always exciting!

Othewise, life is moving along, paying some bills and slowly lowering the national debt or what is my version of it :)
Take care all and I promise pics next time.