Wednesday, September 28, 2005

More pics

So here are more pics of yarn "for sale". It is about this colour in varying shades. Nice stuff and although my sis denotes this as her "favourite" colour..she already has enough I figure!! If it doesn't sell then you know who will get it in a bag of goodies!

Together this could be mitts, hats and trim for both..with that mohair curly yarn. It is really very pretty and I sure hope someone can find some use for it. Make me an offer. There are 6 "never touched" of the Milan Tricot mohair along with 2 other skeins that hve been rewound. (I faintly recall frogging them..)There are 4 never touched Bracken Tweed, 80% acrylic/20%wool. Marked at $7.99/skein several years back. There are 2 full 100gr skeins of Galway Highland Heather in a lighter purple mix - 100% wool, 200 metres/skein. How about $40 for the entire bag?

On knitting notes, I am knitting away on socks, pulled out the Lotus Blossom Shawl again this morning in between loads of laundry and got a few more rows done on it. I am on Chart#2 about 1/2 way.

Friday is not only payday but a day off, although lots of running around to do so not sure how much R&R I will get but that is the way things seem to go..knitting in between errands for sure!
Hope you all have a great day

Friday, September 23, 2005

Stash Clean out Time~~

So although it has taken me longer than I wished, I finally have taken some pics of "some" of the stash clean out yarn. I have more believe me, but thought I would start with a few and see what reactions I get if any! You should know that I will be donating 50% of all monies to the Margene's Give a Little site. I just hope there is no reason for it to become a Rita site too. Let's all pray for safety to the millions of people that have had to take refuge against Rita.

So I will post pics and a quick description and then hope that someone makes me a reasonable offer. So here goes, first there is a Lopi Kit for the coat sweater pictured. I bought it at a store here in this city and I know I paid in excess of $100 (Cdn) for it. However, a reasonable offer a
and tell me how you want it shipped and it can be yours! If nothing else we all know Lopi felts very well and you can have a felting spree. Each of the skeins (15 in all) are 100 gram skeins and enough to obviously make the coat sweater. I will send the booklet with lots of other Lopi patterns in it as well!

OK, I also have another kit. This one is a Drops Kit and the price is still on it. I did however buy this more than 3 yrs ago and have done absolutely nothing with it. It is gorgeous Egyptian cotton and enough to make the larges size of the sweater pictured. I have the english booklet for the translation and will include the book that has tons of other patterns as well. I paid less than the $199 price tag but can't remember how much less, I think about $140 of course Cdn again. Make me an offer plus the shipping and we will settle up.
I am having an awful time getting the 2nd set of photos loaded up. Meantime I will send this one for posting and see what I can do later on.
thanks for reading and hopefully buying something over the next few weeks.

Drops Kit for Sale

Let me try this one more time. I have a Drops Kit for sale. It is full of gorgeous Egyptian cotton and the price on the kit bag is still there at $199. I know I paid less than that perhaps $140 but make me an offer plus the shipping and we can talk.

here are some pictures

The Sky's the limit

Do you think that is what Sandy had in mind when she started a quick contest about sky pictures? I don't know either but she sure has lots of people taking sky pictures around the blogging world. Me included...don't forget you have to let her know by 5 pm EST...put a comment on her blog.

I want to get some other things done today too besides looking outside at the gorgeous weather. I have been doing a bit of sewing, finished a skirt for myself.
Not anxious to sew alot until I lose more weight. ahhh the age old story..

Chatted on line with two friends this morning that I don't get to chat with nearly enough. It was great fun, need to do it more.

Hope your day and weekend is filled with sun filled skies and white fluffy clouds.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

....waiting for Socks

A rather strange title I guess as I have a cat named "Socks"...however what I am really waiting for are my Sockapal2za socks. I sent mine out on Friday, to my Sock Pal...she knows there coming as I did send an email...but she doesn't know who I am or that I have a blog.

I just hope that mine arrive soon...I love parcels in the mail!!

The weather this past while has been glorious. Bright, sunny, autumnal days filled with fluffy white clouds in a blue, blue sky. As the colours change the sky seems to be bluer, or is it just me!? Sandy is talking alot about skies and in fact she has a contest right now. Must remember to go outside tomorrow with my digital as the deadline is tomorrow evening I think...check it out. There are some gorgeous photos appearing on lots of blogs.

I am working with some alpaca right now mostly to see how it works up in a scarf. An acquaintance has alpacas and is trying to figure out if she should market the yarn she is getting, I think we know the answer to that questions. She is not a knitter though so is looking for opinions. THose that know me are snorting already as they know that I will always provide that, often without being asked!!!

Well this is a short update. I do promise to get some "For Sale" items up in the next few days...time, folks it is just the elusive time.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Katia yarn

I forgot to mention yesterday that the yarn I used on those socks was Katia, Mississippi, 60% cotton/40% acrylic, however one of the skeins had at least 5 knots in it!!!
So annoying, especially when knitting socks as even cutting out the knots and trying to blend in the double knitting, you don't want it to land at a spot that the wearer will find troublesome!!!

I have a good mind to write to them and complain...not that I want anymore of that yarn for sure, I wouldn't buy it again even on a deep discount!

Off to mail my package and add a few things to it..
Hope you all have a knot-free day, filled with presents!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sockapal-2-zer - finally finished

Can't believe it took me this long...guess the stress of deciding to move, moving and then finally getting organized to finally finish the socks I started for the Sockapal2zer fun knit!! I knit the "Waving Lace Socks" from Spring 2004 IK and they were a fun knit. My Secret Sock Pal said she likes bright colours and orange, lime green etc were fun for her. Soooooo, you see what she is getting. They are washed and blocked and ready for mailing out tomorrow to the US of A!

Otherwise, I have some pics to take of some yarn and kits that I have decided to get rid of. Many I have not touched for a looong time. There is no room here for me to keep things I am not likely to knit so off they go.
Stay tuned as I will upload those very soon. My weekend starts on Thursday so I should be able to get it done on Thursday or Friday my two days off this week.

I need to get a couple of other items to go in the parcel tomorrow so must get organized and get ready for work too.

Tomorrow is not only payday but a VERY special day for a very SPECIAL FRIEND. Sandra turns the big 6-5 tomorrow and officially retires. She has just returned from a trip to the coast and looking after her grand while his parents went off on an anniversary weekend.
We first met "online" on a knitting message board about 5 yrs ago and then a few of us (7 to be precise) decided to meet and get together 3 1/2 years ago. We were some of the first "internet" knitters to meet up and although my sil was sure that they were all hairy tatooed bikers and that I shouldn't go, we persisted and have since become very good friends. In particular there are 3 or 4 of us that are very close and I cherish those friendships. So Sandra, celebrate your day and celebrate who you are 'cause you are one special lady!!!