Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Yarn for Sale - deux

For some reason the posts are sitting away down on the page and I am trying to see if posting again will bring it up to the is that for highly technical fix-it suggestions??

so check out the yarn for sale in the post below and see the pretty pictures!

There should be a pair of socks to see fairly soon...and a Pirate costume once I get more fabric (*&^%$#@

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Yarn for Sale

Don't know what else to call this post but since I have discovered "Photobucket", I can easily load the photos I need to show you in case you by chance happen along here, (honestly I think I only have 2, maybe 3 readers)!

Does anyone remember the "Cat Afghan", a FCEK pattern if I recall. Can't remember what year but it is probably longer ago than I care to admit. Anyway, I bought the yarn to at least get started on this and subsequently I have that yarn still here and no cat afghan. (I got two cats of my own instead )
Naturally Aran 10 ply 100% NZ Wool- 100 gms and 169m on each skein. I have 3 cream, 4 rust and 4 deep steel grey!

The other yarn I have is also from "Naturally" but is called Tibet. It is a deep rich red and is like a knitted icord! I have 10 skeins, 2 of which have been started and rewound! They are 50 gr balls and 98.8% NZ Wool and 1.2% Elastane (?) There are 47 metres on each skein. Make a wonderful vest as you knit on 15mm needles!!! Knit up in a snap!

Let me know if you are interested and what your reasonable offer is and we will chat.
I am in the middle of tearing out my hair as I am making (cutting out) a pirate costume. Striped material, that I managed to cut the WRONG WAY!!!!!!!!! Female pirates do NOT wear the stripes going 'round the body!!!! stooooopid grammy

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Blogging Friends

Well I was whining on Sunday or was it Saturday? about Blogger not letting me post pics and this nice navajo plying friend
friend gave me a solution and "woot" as some would say, I have pics!!! Sometimes, I wonder where I would be without the help that some have offered online! Terrific...thanks Susie!

Sorry about the feline presence in the pics but she insisted, and of course it is "her" chair to see should see the paw prints on the window YIKES!

So that is the Cozy I finished, blocked and need to buy a new coat for! I know, I know, it is like buying shoes and then needing to buy something to wear with the new shoes...but I have NEVER done THAT!! What??????

The sun is shining and it is almost time for me to get ready for work. I am working on finishing UFO's and I am almost there with that goal. Still working on the b-o-r-i-n-g edging for my sis's Candle Flame Shawl. but it will be done. I also have to sew (read cut out and make before the weekend) a pirate costume for you know who!! Last year it was a witch, the year before, a ghost (and she was very sick so didn't wear it out Trick or Treating) but this year all is set so I should run..

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Good Blogging Friends

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This is a test post from

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Knitting Update

Well today was a fairly busy workday but I headed out about 4:30 instead of 5 pm..'cause I felt like it??

I finished my Cozy, a nice long shawl from the Knitty Autumn '04 issue. I made mine out of Noro, which was a rather indulgent venture but it is pretty. My hope is to find a new winter coat (no, honestly, I really NEED a new winter coat) of navy blue and wear this with it. I blocked it yesterday and left it till just a while ago and I took a couple of pics.
Right now Blogger is giving me grief about uploading a picture. It really is quite pretty and I know there will be cold days ahead where it will come in handy!

Today it was 13ºC sunshine filled day! So no cold weather being thought of right now. I did see several smart homeowners putting up their Christmas lights today to prevent the last minute -25ºC rush!!! :)

My car goes into my favourite shop tomorrow to have new brakes put in. I can "hear" the lack of brakes and so it is definitely time.

Started a sweater today for CM for Christmas. It should knit up fairly quickly. Cables, twists and blue washable merino, it will be a nice sweater when finished.

Hope your day is filled with pretty things!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sunny Saturday

Well here it is the weekend again and my "Monday" after my two day weekend. This is the first week I have had two days off for a while and I wanted to take advantage of it. I did get lots of knitting done and FINALLY finished "Cozy" from the fall issue of Knitty. I need to block it yet and then the pics will follow.

I have been spending a very pleasant Thursday morning for the past few weeks looking after my 15 mth old grandson. He is so delightful and as I tell anyone who will listen, he is the first grandchild born (of the 5 I have) in which I lived in he same city. Ali (the first) was born while I was living in Toronto so the visits were as often as I could make it but it just isn't the same, as I am sure some of you know.

With the other 3, I have never been around them for any length of time and it makes it hard to be a part of their lives as I picture a grandparent to be. I treasure the times I am around them but now with them living in Japan their visits are infrequent and long. They will be "home" in Canada (we hope) in 9 mths though and that is wonderful.

I am past the heel on a pair of socks that I started toe up. I decided that I would like to "experiment" with toe up and short row heels so that I could honestly have a pair truly finished when they come off the needles. I got to the short rows and tried (THREE TIMES!!) and gave up, inserted my waste yarn for the After Thought Hel and went on to the leg. Yikes! I guess one shouldn't mess with a good thing.

Off to get some breakfast and ready for work.
Hope your day is filled with sunshine.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

How time flies

When you are having fun. No pics today...just a quick post to say that I had a wonderful time with my family on the Thanksgiving Weekend. I usually work on weekends and holiday weekends are no exception. This past weekend, I decided to take some of Saturday off and travel almost 3 hrs to visit with my sis, and on Sunday my bro and his wife. Also got to spend some time with DN (dear niece) and her family.

Wonderful turkey dinner was served on Sunday and I headed back to Edmonton on Monday morning early. I was home in time to grab a shower, jump on the scale to see how much damage I had done on the weekend and head off to work.

The purple yarn from a couple of weeks ago did find a home. My sis has a huge fondness for all things purple or shades thereof and so it is now in her stash. I was sorry to learn that because of her increased time spent on "footcare", her hands have been quite sore and knitting has not been high on her list of priorities. However we did spend several hours just "sittin' & knittin'" ..which is always enjoyable for a nice visit. She did finish off an item for her DD which she says had been sitting for too long! I also finished off a pr of socks and cast on for another while there.

She loved her Candle Flame Shawl that was presented for her birthday. I told her that a good friend was AMAZED that it had been done since at least May/June timeframe!!!
We both decided (and I brought along "Knitting on the Edge" in case) that it needed an edging so it did come home with me again. I am determined it will be back in the mail to her by no later than the end of the mth for her wearing!!

I am SOOOO glad that CBC strike is over and I have my "radio" back. My kids call me the Queen of Radio as I always have it on. It is my friend throughout a day at home. Even when not at home it is on for the pussycats and Tipper always loved it too!!

It was great to catch up with family and see what is happening with the growing grands...nice to be back home before any "s" starts to fly too!!