Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I should be downloading pictures since I haven't blogged in a while but on the last stages of the (*&^%$ horse sweater and also another for my now 9 yr old gd Ali.

The other news which most of you know by now is that DD T. and her DH, AND MY 3 GRANDS are moving back to Canada which we expected to be Ottawa. However, she now has a job right here in EDMONTON!! We are all very excited and the kids can't wait for the snow.!!

We wouldn't mind a bit of snow right now as the temps have been in excess of 30ºC (plus some damn humidity of all things) for several days! My 3rd storey apt is quite warm and doesn't cool much in the evenings as the temps have only been getting down to 20ºor so. Ah the end might be in site as storms are coming tomorrow and with it a temp drop to a cool 25ºC!!

Continuing to pick up new clients with my foot care business, although most of them are seniors, I now have 2 wheelchair bound people as well. Anything BUT seniors for sure. Wonderful and they have both remarked that their circulation has improved many fold! that is good feedback.
I have renewed my ad in the Senior's paper for July and I have already booked 2 appts from it.
Hope that pace continues.
Have been helping with CM as much as I can on my days without appts so that he is able to be occupied inside instead of always being outside in the heat, which he would prefer of course. Unfortunately, DD had him at the Dr. for his annual checkup and less than 3 weeks before his 2nd birthday he weighs in at a whopping 21 lbs!! Also, she has just called to tell me that he has a hairline fracture in his wrist and they are going to cast it! poor guy and poor Lori, in tears and feeling sooo guilty!! She says he fell last week and cried alot but she hasn't seen any other signs of discomfort except for last evening in the bath. she mentioned it to the Dr. who asked for x-rays and that is the result. She feels soooo very guilty and I feel for her, I know how she must feel. He will bounce back but with this heat, she is expecting the cast to prevent good sleeping or anything else for that matter.
I am leaving shortly to go over and see what I can do to relieve them once they are back from the hospital where they are getting the cast put on.
Hope all is well in your world and knitting is on your agenda along with a nice tall cold one!!