Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Nothin' but Knittin'

Yarn Tales

Well there has been lots and lots of knitting at Chez Grammy these days. After the wonderful week (well 5 days actually) of knitting with good friends, I finished off 3 pairs of socks that were on the needles. Image hosting by Photobucket In addition, my Sockapaloooza socks are all finished, label printed and ready to go as soon as I get the address of my Sock Pal.

After finishing the socks, and with time to knit, I cast on for the final time (ask Sandra about that!!)a sweater for me. It is ChickKnits cutaway and I am using a denim coloured yarn, more acrylic than wool however it is knitting up quickly and looks nice. I made some changes to the pattern and cast on with a bit of a ruffle. Now that doesn't sound like me, the ruffle I mean, however I thought it would be fun! Now I have to figure out how to get it to match up the fronts and around the neck edge but I will cross that bridge a bit on in the knitting.:)
Last Thursday I picked up Ali and CM and we walked to a knitting store close to DD's house. The owner, Polly, L.O.V.E.S. it when I come in with the grands especially an 8yr old girl as she knows that I will buy something. This time, however we were shopping for my soon to be 1 year old Caelan. I wanted to knit her the dress and sweater out of the latest FCEK. Now that mag rarely inspires me, however I always buy it!! - go figure - . It is pattern number 30 and shown knitted in Paton's Grace. I decided on something a bit more colourful and went with Katia yarn, Mississippi 3. You can see that the hot pink, with a colourful band of lime and turquoise is really cute!! !!:)Image hosting by Photobucket

So of course, after finishing all those socks, I HAD to cast on another pair! Can't be without socks on the needles. Doig toe up on some Trekking that I purchased ...more on that in my next post.

A fun contest at Put your hat in the ring...why not.....Let me see the five places I have knit other than my home or knitting store are....
1. The Dr's office (not that unusual I guess)
2. Getting a pedicure..hey, might as well really relax and enjoy the entire process!
3. The car..waiting..traffic, red light, well you know!
4. Ali's soccer games
5. At a wonderful GTG (Get ToGETHER) with wonderful knitting friends..the lodge, the ranch..nothing better than knitting with friends, giggling, chatting, sharing, laughing, get it I am sure.

May your day be filled with wonderful knitting and friends, maybe even together!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

and then there was one....

Yarn Tales
Along with finding out that my employer no longer considers me valuable enough to keep, I lost my sweet Socks this week. I found my wee cat a bit lethargic after my week away, although I had been in and out to feed them, she seemed to be very, very quiet.
I phoned the vet on Monday and off we went on Tuesday. They wanted to keep her, run some tests and see if there was once again a digestive blockage of some sort...(read more ingested yarn!!). Indeed there was and they tried to build up her system overnight and then operated on Wednesday.

She didn't come out of the anaesthesia very well and they called me quite alarmed. I spent most of Wednesday afternoon at the Vet, trying to get her to "wake up" and become the normal cat I had grown to know and love. They removed the oxygen with the warning that if she didn't breathe on her own, then it would be obvious within moments but she did although she still wouldn't "come out" of a very deep daze. Finally around 6 pm she brightened, meowed as if to say, "I am back", and tried to actually stand up. Swallowed, meowed again and then slept. I left thinking that the worst was over, however, they called first thing on Thursday morning to say, her liver was in shutdown, she was still very, very pale and they didn't think she would last the morning. I went and spent the last few hours with her, holding her, petting her, listening to her shallow breaths, getting her fur wet with my tears and finally about 11:30, the wonderful Vet, Rachel Spence said it was time.. I agreed and she slipped quickly and quietly to sleep. Her sister Boots and I miss her alot, especially at night as she was my tiny pillow companion!..Image hosting by Photobucket

Sleep well Little Princess, you can play with all the yarn and thread you like will do you no more harm.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Yarn Tales

Yarn Tales
What a wonderful week it was!! Knitting, laughing, shopping, laughing, knitting, eating, laughing, with friends.
One only wishes it could have been longer especially when the reality of Daylight Saving time hits you in the face on a Monday morning.
Finished off two pairs of socks and wore one pair all day yesterday in spite of not going out of the house at all! The other is for my Sockapalooza Pal and they will be shipped when the date arrives.
Got some rather shocking news at work this morning but more on that once I digest it all.
this is short but very sweet with memories of a wonderful week.