Friday, June 24, 2005

Well it is Friday Saturday

I work as a New Home Sales consultant and basically that means that I sell new homes for a home builder. That also means that I work weekends...Saturday and Sunday so I have Friday consistently, as the showhomes are closed that day...don't ask...just seems to be the industry standard here in Canada. I also try to take Thursdays and I have a reliable person who works with me on the weekends that is willing to fill in for me on Thursdays as well.
However for the past couple of Thursdays, I have had to go in...nothing earth shattering, just customers who feel that Thursday is there only day to come in and sign reasonably important documents. So today I mosey on in for 6 pm at which time two "older" sisters are coming in to choose colours for their new home. I waited and waited and waited and finally at 7 pm...(on my day off...or did I already say that), I called their home to investigate their whereabouts...and
Sis #1...: "oh, yes, well our ride hasn't shown up yet...".
Me: "..oh, well that is ok, is there another day you would like to do it? ..
Sis #1...uh...well I am trying to go back home no...
(sister (oldest) lives in another city and is moving here to buy a house with her two other sisters...)..
Me: " Well unfortunately we can't proceed with the sales agreement until you choose your colours (a fact I have prepared them for many times, by saying, have a tour around and see what colours you like...".
Sis #1: "oh, well....I will call you back if we can't come tonight." click
So needless to say I was glad that they showed up but sheesh, not so much as a "so sorry" ...kiss my rear...or anything in the way of an apology...what gives with people?? Can't they just say SOMETHING??
In terms of knitting, I am working away on a couple of things...trying to make significant progress on the Meadow Flowers Shawl from is coming along and I am knitting with an alpaca lace weight off a cone I purchased at least 2 yrs ago off Ebay. As a result, my foggy brain can't give more than that in terms of details about the yarn. It is a rather "teal like" colour...not my fav but it is knitting up nicely and I will show pics once I get a bit further along.
ttfn..going to hit the sack and read for a bit.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Well finally I have a blog

Well finally I have made some time in this crazy world to set up a blog. I am not sure how often I will post but lets say that I will try to do it at least 3 or 4 x/week for starters.
Today I met my newest grandbaby for the first time. She, her Mom and her two big brothers travelled 17 hours from Osaka, Japan to arrive here in sunny Alberta. She was born on April 30 and so she has certainly grown from her birth pics and she is a darling. She hasn't ditched her heavy stature and is still growing nicely from her 10lbs 14ox birthweight.
My dd works in Osaka for the Canadian government and is now on maternity leave. We were all excited to see them all and her two big brothers are wonderful as I knew they would be.
Knitting has been in between many other things lately. I am working on a pair of socks for the Secret Sock pal exchange...and knitting some lace of course in this summer of lace...
In my crazy work world, my weekend is Thursday/Friday. On Friday I enjoyed a wonderful lunch with a dear friend that I have not seen for a long while. We literally ran into one another at a fabric store on my birthday so just about a month ago and then planned lunch a couple of weeks ago. We picked up sort of where we had left off, with a few years of "gap filling" to bolster our friendship. We giggled, laughed and shed some tears at lunch and it was all good.
This must be the month for friends as earlier I had dinner with my oldest and dearest friend Cheryl. She and her man of many years and DH, Ross were visiting Alberta and they made a sideways trip to see me. It was all too brief but wonderful and again, many laughs, and lots of sharing, that conversation is just like a semi-colon between the years of pauses...
Well guess I will call it a day for now and see what I can do with my next post. Thanks for reading if you have ..!