Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Well it has been a while and I don't really know where the summer has gone, although it isn't over yet!
I received a "comment" from a wonderful lady named Louise, who said I have won some yarn from a contest I entered on her blog! I have no idea what her blog address is and of course dear Blogger doesn't let you access the people who leave comments. So I suppose I am out of luck unless she sees this post!!

I have a couple of pictures I will post of finished sweaters, both for my gd Ali who turned 9 at the end of June.
Knitting continues in a more upbeat way than it has during the heat infest of July and early August, but more onto socks and a couple of other things that shouldn't take too long
Hope you are all enjoying your summer and that you have been able to enjoy your knitting in some way even with the heat we have all had.

take care and Happy Knitting.